7 Keto Egg Recipes for Breakfast

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We make a lot of keto egg recipes because eggs are a low-carb, healthy fat superfood.

Eggs are so healthy that they have all of the essential amino acids plus 9 more nonessential amino acids plus the healthy fats that the keto diet relies on.

1. Bacon Cheddar Egg Cups

Full recipe here.

We especially love this method for breakfast. Most people these days are getting up early to hit the gym or get into work early so, naturally, there is a loss of time to fill up with a hearty breakfast. That’s where these bacon egg cups come in for the win!

2. Bacon & Spinach Egg Muffins

Full recipe here.

This recipe for breakfast egg muffins is an easy grab and go option for busy mornings. Egg muffins are loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese and spinach, and are packed with plenty of protein!

3. Steak & Egg Breakfast Bowl

Full recipe here.

This keto diet friendly steak and egg breakfast bowl combines marinated flank steak plus scrambled eggs along with sliced avocado, all garnished with flake salt and cracked black pepper.

4. Keto Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bowls

Full recipe here.

For a quick and easy breakfast meal, try these Keto Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bowls!  Easy to make and Trim Healthy Mama friendly!

5. Keto Pizza Eggs

Full recipe here.

Once you’ve had these Pizza Eggs, you’ll be instantly hooked. They put keto pizza on the table as a perfectly acceptable low carb breakfast option.

6. Keto Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Full recipe here.

Who needs fast food when you can make your own low carb and keto McMuffin Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwich right at home. You won’t even miss the english muffin… It’s that GOOD!

7. Bacon Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups

Full recipe here.

A new way to do low-carb breakfast. Bacon Egg and Cheese RollUps Are Breakfast Perfection Add eggs and scramble